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Frane Bol
Frane Bol excursions

Frane Bol

Metal luxury boat with capacity 148 persons. Built in 2012. Size 24 meters x 6 meters. Travel speed 10NM.

Frane excursions


Wooden boat with capacity 68 persons. Built in 1989. Size 17 meters long x 5 meters wide. Travel speed 8NM.

Frane Express
Frane Express

frane express

Luxury speed boat with a capacity of 30 persons. Starting in July 2022. Travel speed 18NM.


Here are our most popular trips from Bol


Whole day excursion

Town Hvar & Palmižana

9:00 – 18:00 •  Breakfast  •  Lunch

Island Hvar is Croatia’s longest and sunniest island with 2.722 hours of sunlight per year.
The name derives from the Greek name Pharos (lighthouse), the ancient name for the whole island and the town of Stari Grad. When Slavic tribes arrived to the island they couldn’t pronounce Pharos so they changed the name into Hvar.

The settlement Hvar only became a true town in 1278, when the Venetians (during a brief period of occupation) encouraged people from Pharos (present-day Stari Grad) to relocate around this southwest facing bay, which they considered a more suitable center, as it could be better defended in the event of an attack. In 1420, the town came under Venice for a second time, and rapidly became on of the wealthiest centers in Dalmatia. The Venetians used it as port of call for trade ships travelling to and from the Orient, and also set up the headquarters of their Adriatic fleet here.


Whole day trip

Jelsa & Vrboska

9:00 – 16:00  •  2 towns  •  Swimming

Jelsa dates back to 14th Century established as a harbor of the ancient village of Pitve. It prospered in the 19th Century due to ship building industry. With the decline of sailing ship, Jelsa accepted new tourist challenge and the first hotel was built here as early as 1911.

Vrboska is the smallest town on the island Hvar. But it has the oldest and largest arts and artifacts of old masters owned by the church,
the only fishing museum on the island, ACI marina which is the most protected marina on the Adriatic coast and around 1 km of beach front.
It has narrow winding bay with a beautiful little island in the middle of the 2 km long bay, which divides Vrboska into two parts. North and South part are connected with four small stone bridges, and therefore it is named Little Venice.

Blaca monastery

Half day trip

Blaca monastery

9:00 – 14:30  •  40 min hike

The Hermitage of Blaca is a uniquely captivating monument – a tribute to human survival, ingenuity and resourcefulness dating from the mid 16th century. It was the hermitage (a secluded religious sanctuary) of the Glagolitic Order (Glagoljica Croatian ancient alphabet) raised on a steep cliff above the Blaca Bay west of Bol. Blaca was established by Glagolitie priests from Poljica that sought refuge on the island of Brac fleeing the Turks during the peak of their conquests onto the Dalmatian coast. In 1552 they established a monastic community and in 1570 got permission from the bishop to raise a monastery and church. They produced wine, honey and other horticultures and in time became quite powerful and wealthy. This wealth allowed them to practice their love of astronomy and establish an observatory that became known around the world. The priests published their own astronomy-themed magazine and were credited with discovering several celestial objects including a comet using the telescope that can still be seen at the monastery.

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