Return transfer from Bol to Jelsa – Wine festival 2022. – Frane Bol

Jelsa’s wine festival has returned to its original intentions – as a merry showcase promoting Hvar’s wines, especially the best of them, which are produced in the area around Jelsa, a fertile area for growing grapes, where different producers work on their theories, resulting in a delightful variety of red and white wines, ‘opolo’ rosés and prošek (sweet dessert wine). Over the last thirty years, these wines have distinguished themselves, winning prizes in competitions and delighting Jelsa’s visitors, who have the chance at the Wine Festival to taste the various wines and appreciate the differences between those produced on Hvar’s southern slopes, Jelsa’s valleys and hillsides or fields by the sea.


from 18:00 Tastings: Hvar wines  with local specialty foods
18:00 Children’s games on the waterfront
19:00 Competition: ‘get the ham’
20:30 Announcement of the winner of the ‘Summer wine tasting’
21:30 Concert Cubismo – on Jelsa’s main square (Pjaca)
22:30 Fireworks
00:00 Concert: The Offswing


The alternative ticket with our another boat Frane departs at 22:00 with return at 03:00, get your tickets here!

Return transfer from Bol to Jelsa – Wine festival 2022. – Frane Bol


Boarding: 20:20 Return: 01:30
Children (4-12 yo)